Live Here Love Here has launched its third annual Healthy Oceans, Healthy Minds campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the benefits healthy marine environments offer our physical and mental wellbeing.

A partnership with Belfast Harbour, Healthy Oceans, Healthy Minds boasts an impressive programme of events that seeks to connect communities to coastal areas and drive better understanding of why we should protect our waterways and the seas around us.

The programme of more than 20 events kicked off at the weekend, including a community clean-up at Hazelbank Beach led by the Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council, an immersive foraging experience along the Crawfordsburn shoreline, a sea swim at Seapark beach in Holywood, and boat tours for young people at Portrush. All events were free of cost to the public.

Jenni Barkley, Communications and Corporate Responsibility Manager at Belfast Harbour said: “We are delighted to support Live Here Love Here once again on such a fantastic campaign. Northern Ireland is blessed with an abundance of rich marine environments that serve our communities in many ways, not least by providing healthy outlets that support our wellbeing. Healthy Oceans, Healthy Minds is so valuable because it not only supports communities to positively engage with our waterways but also learn that by adopting better habits we can all help to protect these spectacular assets from further damage and pollution, allowing generations to come to reap their rewards.”

For its third year, Live Here Love Here has ensured that Healthy Oceans, Healthy Minds features activities that the whole community can experience and learn from. Community groups, clubs and families across the province are invited to join in with the campaign.

Helen Tomb, Manager at Live Here Love Here said: “We are incredibly lucky to have so many tranquil and beautiful aquatic areas on our doorsteps, and so this campaign is an important opportunity to reiterate the importance of protecting and celebrating these areas. We continue to add events to the Healthy Oceans, Healthy Minds programme every day and would welcome more activities that allow communities to engage with blue spaces.”

Healthy Oceans, Healthy Minds runs until the 31st August 2022. To view the full calendar of events and get involved, visit

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