Research led by Ulster University (UU) has described Northern Ireland’s Education system as “Christian-centric”, leading to “segregation” of children, reports today say.

It’s the latest in the UU’s series of Transforming Education papers, produced via its Unesco Education Centre. Previous papers have also described Northern Ireland’s Education system as expensive and divided.

The most recent paper criticised the fact that state funding for schools is underpinned by a “specifically Christian worldview”, and that the current system ensures community segregation. It also sets out a vision for a single, integrated education system, with joint community schools instead of religiously segregated ones.

There’s currently a review of Education underway, as outlined in the New Decade New Deal agreement – the plan of action for the NI Executive, which included a list of priorities and specific commitments from the British and Irish governments. It said the numerous types of schools and sectors made the education system here “unsustainable”.

The Independent Review of Education is due to conclude next year, however its chair has previously said there is no agreement on what a single education system should look like.

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