With countless families nationwide preparing for an evening of trick-or-treating, ensuring safety during this time is paramount.
The experts at Get Licensed have revealed some advice for staying safe when trick-or-treating this Halloween.

for staying safe when trick-or-treating this Halloween:

1 – Any children under 12 should be with an adult
All children should be under adult supervision when trick-or-treating. This could be in the form of a few adults supervising a group of children trick-or-treating, or just accompanying your child if they choose to trick-or-treat. If you don’t believe your child is mature enough to be out trick-or-treating alone then you should always supervise them, regardless of age, to ensure their safety.
2 – Visible & identifiable costumes
Pedestrian deaths are at their highest on Halloween night, compared to any other Autumnal night. Therefore, it is crucial that your child’s outfit has some aspect of reflective material, whether that is glow stick bracelets, hi-vis aspects or a hi-vis trick-or-treat bag. This will help them be spotted by oncoming traffic and drivers. A lot of Halloween costumes are dark in appearance and therefore can affect the perspectives of drivers.
3 – Safe Costumes
It is important that your child’s view is not obstructed and that their Halloween costumes are not a fire or trip hazard. Especially since trick-or-treating often takes place on streets of homes and cars can still be driving up and down the street. You want to ensure that your child is able to spot any potential dangers and not be held up by the design of their costume.
4 – Stranger danger
Despite trick-or-treating being a family-centric event with many children heading out with their parents, there is always the risk of strangers with mal-intent taking advantage of the occasion. Always ensure that your child is aware of the dangers of strangers, such as entering their home, or car, or going with them away from the trick-or-treaters.
5 – Only go up to homes clearly accepting trick-or-treaters
One of the main tells that someone is accepting trick-or-treaters is if they have decorations outside of their door, they may even have a sign to say that they welcome them. However, some homeowners might not be prepared for the costumed visitors. Therefore, be sure to take note of decor, messages and notes when going up to various doors to ensure you are disturbing those not participating.
6 – Don’t eat sweets until home
There is the risk of choking on small sweets, therefore once safely home and supervised, these can be consumed with lesser risk.

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