HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL SUMMER BEDTIME ROUTINE FOR YOUR CHILD Summer is a wonderful season, with longer days offering up more time as a family to create fun and sun-soaked memories. However, when the evening falls and bedtime comes around it can be difficult to get the kids down.Read More →

Today, Wednesday 3 August, is national Playday. This day for play is celebrated across the UK with children, families and communities coming together to enjoy a day of fun. This year, the campaign theme – All to play for – highlights the importance of building play opportunities for all children.Read More →

Make a den in the garden to stay out of the sun for a little while and have fun reading a book together – a fun bright coloured story from ‘Uh Oh Milo!’ is perfect for younger children, and a great way to get conversations started with little people, aroundRead More →

You’ll know the physical and mental benefits of horticulture if you’re cultivating your own garden. But did you know many of these also cross over to children – and there are even some added advantages for kids? Here, we’ll cover why gardening is the best activity for your primary school-ageRead More →

Northern Ireland’s Education Minister confirmed this week that a review of the Uniform Grant and free schools is underway to ensure they “are available to support the most vulnerable children in our society”. Minister Michelle O’Neill said: “The review is considering a number of options for uniform grants, including theRead More →

Research published today shows more than a quarter of children try to lose weight and that an increasing number of kids at a healthy weight are making slimming attempts. The study, led by the University of Oxford, analysed data on weight loss attempts by children aged between 8 and 17Read More →

With the heat rising across the country, let the cooling wetlands of WWT Castle Espie help bring your temperature down. While the kids play, make the most of shady walkways through peaceful reeds, sparkling ponds and tranquil lakes. And when your legs need a rest, how about chilling out withRead More →

Out of 1,100 schools tested, nearly nine in ten were identified as having asbestos present in their buildings. Out of NI’s 1,123 schools, the BBC reports that 995 (88.6%) contain asbestos. The Department of Education released the figures in response to an Assembly question by SDLP MLA Colin McGrath whoRead More →

The warmer, longer days of summer are great for getting active and making lasting memories, but can also mean children encounter more risks. Learning to take supervised risks and reach new physical milestones is an important part of their development. To help them do this as safely as possible, hereRead More →

Education Minister Michelle McIlveen has announced a further £2.25million investment in the Healthy Happy Minds programme. The counselling and therapeutic support programme for primary school pupils will now be able to continue in the next academic year, with funding guaranteed until the end of 2022 at this stage. Announcing theRead More →