Have you ever wondered how the human body works and wished that you could take asneak peek inside to find out exactly what’s going on? Now thanks to MED-Lab, a new interactive medical-themed exhibition area at W5, you can take an extraordinary and fun journey of discovery into your body!Read More →

2019 is the 50th anniversary year of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to the moon during which American astronaut Neil Armstrong declared his first step on the lunar surface as, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The moon has always held a firm fascination for us downRead More →

A LITTLE BIRD TOLD ME ABOUT MIGRATION… For us, winter is great. We get to wrap up warm, go for long walks through frosty fields and drink yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows. But a little bird told me that during the winter, they have to fly away and find aRead More →

The clocks have gone back, the nights are longer and oh baby it’s cold outside, but if you wrap up in your winter woollies and venture outside, you will discover nature’s most illuminating and spectacular free show in the sky up above… Imagine the dark night sky in the countryside,Read More →

Think back to when you were at school and your least favourite subject, the one you struggled to pass or perhaps even failed. Most of us assume that the lessons that don’t come easy never will, but what if there was a way of training your brain to learn theRead More →

Chartered electrical engineer Kerrine, a former recipient of the Precious Award for Outstanding Woman in STEM, is endeavouring to tackle gender diversity issues and misconceptions about STEM jobs at grassroots level, through her independent publishing house, Butterfly Books, which communicates a positive message about the professions to young children. Kerrine isRead More →

In this school year, 2017/2018, Young Enterprise Northern Ireland had the privilege of engaging with 87,879 students, working with 351 schools and achieving wonderful support from over 900 business volunteers. Was your child’s school involved? Banbridge Academy‘s ‘Poppin’ were awarded the prestigious accolade of Young Enterprise’s Company of the YearRead More →

Anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician and philanthropist, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela began life in the tiny South African Village of Mvezo and became the first black president of South Africa. A charming new biography for children has been published to tie in with the July 2018 commemoration of a hundred years since hisRead More →

Why do octopuses have eight arms? How do fish breathe underwater and are jellyfish actually made of jelly? Author and illustrator Yuval Zommer provides the answer to these and many more fishy facts… How does an animal breathe underwater? All animals need to breathe in oxygen to stay alive. Land animalsRead More →

Have you ever wondered what all the bugs you see in your garden are doing? Head of horticulture at the Soil Association in the UK and dad-of-two Ben Raskin explains how these tiny heroes actually help put food on our plates… A garden is a magical place: beautiful, full ofRead More →

In January Ni4kids launched a survey asking parents for their views on the Budget cost-saving proposal of the removal, or means testing, of free home-to-school transport… In December, in the absence of Ministers and a working Executive, the Department of Finance took the unusual step of publishing information about theRead More →