By Ben Edwards As our children become increasingly engrossed in technology in this modern world, often the long school summer holiday is met with excitement not to ‘play out’, but to spend even more time on iPads, chatting with friends on social media and watching countless movies on Netflix. ItRead More →

Children’s author Karen Wallace reveals how a good bedtime story can do so much more than just help your child fall asleep… However much we want to shelter our children, we cannot prevent them from encountering difficult situations as they grow up. As they now approach the return to school,Read More →

With a quarter of kids now living with lone parents, to single mothers like Nina Farr, the suggestion that they come from a home which is ‘damaged’ or ‘incomplete’ is not only infused with guilt, but is hurtful and untrue. In her new book, Nina rejects the ‘broken family’ labelRead More →

Coping with three under five is no mean feat for any parent – especially when the realisation dawns that shopping trollies only seat two and you are now relying on the eldest to walk calmly and nicely beside you as you do the weekly shop, #notachance While that might notRead More →

  No matter how close you are with your child, some subject matters can be difficult to discuss, particularly at a very young age. New research*, carried out by Ni4kids on behalf of the PSNI, has revealed that online grooming and sexual exploitation is now the biggest safety concern ofRead More →

We think it’s important that children are aware of how to keep themselves safe when they are playing away from home or hanging out with their friends. Detective Sergeant Elaine McCormill, from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Public Protection Branch, has some good advice to share…   We’ve allRead More →

Every year, the equivalent of two children in every primary school class in the UK have suffered abuse or neglect. But the majority are left without the support services they so desperately need. Ni4kids has teamed up with the NSPCC to offer parents advice on what to do if theyRead More →

According to the Office of National Statistics NI there are more than 13,700 step-families across Northern Ireland, highlighting the urgent need for greater guidance for parents and support from family specialists. Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White – fairy tales created for children are full of horrid stepmonsters who goRead More →

We wanted to know what local parents really think about gender neutral parenting and took the debate to our readers to find out! Did you watch the recent BBC 2 series No More Boys and Girls? In the two-part programme, Dr Javid Abdelmoneim tried to discover is the way parentsRead More →

Do you think sweet packets should carry cigarette style health warnings with pictures of children’s decayed teeth to try and cut down on the amount of sweets children eat? Health professionals and dentists have recommended the move but do parents agree? We took the debate to Ni4kids’ Facebook community toRead More →

Be honest. How many times today have you picked up your smartphone to check for a new email or to see how many likes you got for your last post or tweet? And how many hours in total do you devote a week to social media? As much as youRead More →