With recent data from the NSPCC’s Childline service showing that children as young as four years old are displaying signs of panic attacks, anxiety and depression, Alicia Eaton believes it’s becoming crucial for today’s parents to equip themselves with the ‘first aid’ skills that will support their child’s emotional wellbeing.Read More →

Children have an innate urge to play from birth right through to the teenage years. Freely chosen play (play which is directed by children) is critically important for all children as part of their everyday lives and access to quality, unstructured play is proven to help improve children and youngRead More →

Alongside the joy and wonder of raising a child, the frustration and pitfalls of parenting also require navigation –often on a daily basis. Given that childhood is a short season, and parenting is far from easy, could mindfulness help us to lean in and be more present? International barrister, mindfulnessRead More →

Despite the constant warnings from parents, teachers, charities and the police about staying safe when using the Internet, this summer a survey of 2,000 children revealed that almost a third of children aged eight to 13 have given out personal details, such as what school they go to, their emailRead More →

Sometimes important life lessons that kids need to learn, like good behaviour, aren’t on the school curriculum. Jennifer Scott, author of the New York Times bestselling Madame Chic series, has turned her sophisticating talents to help children have fun while mastering the basics of manners and good-old fashioned politeness…  Read More →

“Why?” is the refrain of many curious children: “Why is the sky blue?”; “Why do I have to eat my broccoli?”; “Why can’t I stay up watching movies all night?” Rachel Poulton explores why getting philosophical with kids can be an illuminating insight into what they really think… More oftenRead More →

Most parents will argue in front of their children at some point. It can be difficult to think clearly when emotions are running high, but how you handle these conflicts is crucial for your child’s wellbeing and their understanding of how relationships work says Tanith Carey… Scenario:During an argument with yourRead More →

Social media is infiltrating children’s lives in a completely new way, and no doubt many of those old enough to have their own smartphone will be snapping and sharing all summer long.  Leanne Maskell says there are the top five truths which you should teach and talk about with your child:Read More →

Friendship brings our children both their greatest highs – and their lowest lows. Yet despite being such a huge part of their lives, friendship is also the area of children’s lives that we parents understand the least, and feel the most powerless to help with when things go wrong saysRead More →

These Glowing Jelly Lights(£4.99) from Infantino will make a big splash with little Octonauts. The multi-textured jellyfish light up when they are submerged in water, creating a unique sensory experience to keep little ones grinning amongst the bubbles!The colourful creatures bob around happily making them fantastic fishy friends for lots ofRead More →

In April, more than 400 thought leaders, practitioners, researchers, government representatives and social innovators from around the world converged in Billund, Denmark, for the annual LEGO®Idea Conference.  This year’s theme was “Unlocking the Power of Parenting” focusing on ways to harness the power of parenting to support children’s development andRead More →

You should have left for work 10 minutes ago. The house is a mess and as you rush around getting ready, you feel stressed about when you will have the time and energy to clear up. You notice a stain on your top (from little jam-covered hands) and need toRead More →