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Enormous Chocolate Buttons

A quick and easy Valentine’s recipe to make with the kids!

This recipe is perfect for little ones with helping from spooning out the chocolate and getting creative with decorating.


100g milk chocolate, melted
100g plain chocolate, melted
100g white chocolate, melted
Sprinkles and sweets to decorate


Tear off some big sheets of baking parchment. Draw around a glass or saucer with a pencil to make big button shapes. Turn the paper over.

Spoon a blob of chocolate into the middle of each circle and use a paint brush to spread it to the edges of the circle. Don’t worry if it isn’t neat.

Decorate each button with sprinkles, sweets or blobs of other coloured chocolate.

Leave the buttons to cool and set really hard, in the fridge is best. Once they are hard, peel them off the paper carefully and wrap up or eat.