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Have you got that festive feeling? If you’re not ready to talk about the big man in red just yet, then settle down and enjoy our wondrous winter issue instead.
Winter doesn’t have to be a constant countdown to 25 December, let’s celebrate this sensational season for the terrific time of year that it is. We’re talking: chasing the winter sun in the great outdoors, or just getting cosy at home with the family and enjoying each other’s company. How about, this year, we forget making a mad-dash to the shops for matching Christmas jumpers and we make lasting memories instead?
Back to the issue at hand: as always, we’ve unmissable articles and fabulous features but if that’s not enough to tempt you, then how about a bumper edition of our ever-popular WOW List?
If that’s still not enough then we’ve also got must-read parenting articles, delicious recipes and fun ideas for the kids, as well as competitions and much, much more…
Now’s the time to put your feet up and get some ‘me time’ with Ni4Kids.
You’re in good hands.

The Ni4Kids Team x