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Hello Spring, and oh boy… am I happy to see you. Life in lockdown didn’t seem quite so dull first time around and like most, I’m hoping that the start of the new season will bring us all much brighter days, in more ways than just the occasional glimpse of sunshine. By the time the clocks spring forward in March and our thoughts turn to important decisions – such as which Easter egg will we buy for the kids and then sneakily scoff when they aren’t looking – like the majority of the parents on page 10 of this issue’s opinion piece, I’m hoping we will have a clear and signposted path back to school and out into the world… for good.

There’s still so much to celebrate this March though. If you long for fun, frivolity and fabulous entertainment for your entire family then do not miss the 2021 Belfast Children’s Festival which opens its digital doors from March 5-14, and the big parades might be cancelled but that doesn’t stop you from having a shamrockin’ good time at home with the kids on March 17. Check out pages 12 & 13 for inspiration for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day party.

On page 9 I’m chatting to the whirlwind of a woman that is Anna Whitehouse (and nodding my head in agreement to her every word) on pages 6 & 7 we welcome the news that after many years of campaigning by parents there could finally be some flexibility coming around the school starting age for young-for-year children, and if you admit to being a bit of a hover-mother (or father) then please do read Daisy Turnbull’s article on page 19 where she encourages us to set our kids free to roam and ramble (a bit anyway) to help them grow up into sensible adults, just like us… ahem.

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