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Rté Search for Adventurous and Dynamic Kids for New Season of Bush Kids

Ultimate bushcraft and survival expert, Tom Bán is returning for an exhilarating new season of Rté’s Bush Kids and is on the lookout for a dynamic family to embark on an extraordinary adventure like never before!

Tom is taking the Bush Kids to an EXTRA special place where you’ll learn EPIC survival skills! We’re talking about hunting for yummy snacks in the wild, building your super cozy sleeping spot, sparking up fires like a pro, and cooking the most awesome outdoor meals. Get ready for a crash course in all things wild and adventurous!

It’s a week-long immersive experience filled with excitement, challenges, and the chance to master essential survival skills. From building shelters to lighting fires, cooking outdoors, foraging for food, and navigating diverse habitats, this special edition promises an unforgettable adventure for families ready to embrace the wild side.

Calling all dynamic trios! If you’re three awesome kids, either brothers, sisters, or even cool cousins, aged between 8 and 12, grab your superhero parent or guardian and buckle up! Together, you’ll embark on a week-long journey to a top-secret location NEVER seen on Bush Kids before.


How Do I Apply?

Easy-peasy! Fill in the application below and bring out your inner movie star by uploading a 1-2 minute video. Show off your skills and tell Tom why your family is the absolute BEST for this mind-blowing series!

Filming will take place outside of Ireland in April 2024 (6 – 12), so make sure your family is available during this week. Filming will take place outside of Ireland, so a valid in-date passport will be required for all participants.

Along with the Bush Kids, the parent/guardian will also feature on camera. All abilities are welcome to apply.

Closing date to apply: 31 January 2024