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Gordon Buchanan – 30 Years in the Wild

One of the most prominent wildlife presenters and filmmakers working today, Gordon Buchanan’s journey is a remarkable story to tell. Having produced some of the most popular wildlife programmes on the BBC, […]

The Foyle Science Showcase

Prepare for a day of excitement and exploration at the Foyle Science Showcase! Delight in mind-bending science shows, immersive exhibits, and interactive activities that promise to inspire the next generation […]

Yasmin Ali #IntroduceAGirlToEngineeringDay

Yasmin Ali, an award-winning chartered engineer in the energy industry, champions renewable technologies, excels in science communication, and acknowledged as one of the top 50 female engineers for her impactful […]

Science of the Olympics

Science and Sport team up in this dynamic show with physicist, TV presenter and former professional footballer, Mark Langtry, aka “The Science Guy”. Investigate the gold medal science of the Olympic […]

Fun With Fossils

Come and make fossils with plaster of Paris and fossil moulds and find out from experts about our local fossils. You can bring home your own handmade replicas and learn […]

The Science of Jurassic World – NISF

Love dinosaurs? Then this is the show for you. An entertaining exploration, part of NI Science Festival of the science behind THE movie franchise that helped change the way we […]

Planet Earth III – Our Changing World

For many years The Open University has provided academic consultants for a range of natural history programmes in co-production with the BBC. The University now takes a look at the […]

Space Colouring for Kids

Enjoy an afternoon of Apollo 11 colouring and celebrate the first moon landings by NASA. Learn about the planning, the construction, crew and the historic first moon landing back in […]

The Who, What, Why of Zoology

What’s your favourite animal fact? Have you ever wondered who discovered it in the first place? Chances are, it was a zoologist! Join writer Jules Howard uncovering the secrets of the animal […]