In April, more than 400 thought leaders, practitioners, researchers, government representatives and social innovators from around the world converged in Billund, Denmark, for the annual LEGO®Idea Conference.  This year’s theme was “Unlocking the Power of Parenting” focusing on ways to harness the power of parenting to support children’s development andRead More →

You should have left for work 10 minutes ago. The house is a mess and as you rush around getting ready, you feel stressed about when you will have the time and energy to clear up. You notice a stain on your top (from little jam-covered hands) and need toRead More →

By Lindsay Maclean I was a particularly shy child and I didn’t like speaking in front of people. There’s nothing wrong with being shy, but for me it was a lonely and painful place. Overcoming this has been tremendously liberating. In light of my childhood experiences, one of my mainRead More →

As a parent, you are aware of the importance of making sure your children eat a healthy diet. But did you know, that it’s just as important to make sure they use their tablets and smartphones in a healthy way?  Here’s the thing: The tech companies that compete for yourRead More →

Interview by Nadia Duncan If you are the parent of small children, there’s a very high probability that within the last few days you have stood in front of a shrieking, stomping little human and felt like taking a snot-covered white tissue from your pocket and waving it in theRead More →

Aly Harte shares her own childhood experience of loss and three ways to help children cope with grief, separation or major change… Growing up I was always aware of friends having two parents. When one wasn’t available to do their hair in the morning, the other stepped up to theRead More →

Anger is a perfectly normal human emotion, and all parents and carers will feel frustrated, stressed and angry with their children at some point. As we approach Anger Awareness Week (1-7 December) senior social worker and mentor Pam Rowe looks at ways to deal with our anger in a healthier wayRead More →

Last seen dazzling us with her dance moves on Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing, bestselling author and TV presenter Katie Piper certainly isn’t one for staying still long. Her new title, Confidence: The Journal, aims to help us become the star of our own lives… A quote from the book is,Read More →

In their new book, Dads Don’t Babysit, frustrated fathers – successful dad blogger David Freed and journalist James Millar – are challenging society’s stereotype of what it really means to be Dad and asking just why is it so difficult to equally share the pleasures of parenting? Interview by Nadia Duncan A socialRead More →

If you are one of the many parents who spent the school-free days of July and August trying to prise the kids away from their game console and out into the fresh air you’re certainly not alone. The word Fortnite now has a completely different meaning in popular culture thanRead More →

Children’s author Karen Wallace reveals how a good bedtime story can do so much more than just help your child fall asleep… However much we want to shelter our children, we cannot prevent them from encountering difficult situations as they grow up. As they now approach the return to school,Read More →

With a quarter of kids now living with lone parents, to single mothers like Nina Farr, the suggestion that they come from a home which is ‘damaged’ or ‘incomplete’ is not only infused with guilt, but is hurtful and untrue. In her new book, Nina rejects the ‘broken family’ labelRead More →